Effective Print Marketing For 2018

As we head into 2018, it is important to reflect on our marketing strategies. It is well known that the most effective marketing strategy is one that is simple, personal, and trustworthy. This makes sense as customers want to feel special. Creating relevant messages for your target audience is at the heart of marketing, but how can you deliver these messages in an effective way? Print marketing is compelling, memorable, and engaging. Being able to hold something tangible helps create deep connections among consumers. In fact, consumers trust print over any other medium. Why not improve upon your print marketing strategy for the new year? Here are some tips for effective print marketing in 2018.


Everyone wants the VIP treatment. Print is a highly personal medium that can be taken further than reading posts on a screen. Take direct mail as an example. 61% of people prefer direct mail as opposed to email advertisements. Within this category, personalized direct mail with messages and offers that reflect the customers’ needs and interest were at the top. Target your designs to your audience and they will remember you for a long time. With print marketing, marketers can personalize every aspect of the piece, including pictures, content, charts and graphs, and anything that may cater to their individual interest. If you really want to impress, try gathering online data about your customer’s preferences, and include that in print. With personal prints, you can reach your consumers on an individual level, creating a lasting relationship.

Digital and Physical Marketing

No matter how much we prefer print, digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. Digital marketing allows insight makes reacting to changes in your market easy and affordable. However, you can bridge the gap between digital and physical marketing. Print should never be the enemy of digital marketing, but rather as a strategy that can work alongside digital to increase sales. In fact, many new print trends take this into consideration and mix print with digital. Think of ways you can guide your customers toward your website or social media platforms. This can be as simple as including your social media handles on your posters and flyers, or more complex like using QR codes. Your print media can link to exclusive content like personalized videos, free downloads, free wifi, games, maps, surveys, and websites. A once simple flyer is now the key to a new virtual world.

Think Outside The Box

One thing print has over digital is tangible quality. Everything from paper, packaging, ink, and color is taken into consideration. Even if you are not a print expert, you know quality when you feel it. Print media extends beyond your typical print products. Sure, business cards, brochures, and flyers are all important, but stickers, coasters, and even apparel also count as print marketing. Think outside of the box when thinking over your strategy. Specialty items may seem like gifts, but your audience will hold onto them for longer, creating brand familiarity. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd when you market in a unique way. Even something like a promotional banner will leave an impression during any presentation.

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