Introduction to Offset Printing

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Offset printing is a method of printing that has been around for over 200 years. Through its evolution it has been used in offset lithography, offset drum scanning, and offset digital printing. Offset printers are most often found in the print industry where they are used to produce large quantities of printed materials like newspapers, magazines, brochures and books and high yield printing projects. Offset printing isn’t just for newspapers, they also have many benefits for all kinds of businesses!

How Does Offset Printing Work?

Offset printers work by offsetting a plate that has been coated with an ink onto a rubber blanket. The offset plate is offset from the rubber blanket, and the inked side of the offset plate makes contact with the rubber blanket, transferring the ink to it. The offset plate then moves away from the offset blanket, leaving ink on it where it had been touching previously.  This offset process creates a sharp and clear print with no smudges or errors. 

Benefits of using an Offset Printer

There are many reasons to use an offset printer when you need a large quantity of high quality prints! The most important reason is that there is no limit on how many copies you can make with this type of printing, other types of printing such as screen or digital presses may only allow for 100 – 500 copies per run. In addition, offset printers also save you time on production because they are able to produce more than one color at a time – just imagine how much more work it would be if you had to manually change out ink cartridges all day long! Not only is offset printing faster, but it allows you to print in color at a lower cost depending on the quantity, the more you need to print the more you can save when compared to digital printing services.  It also prints clean and crisp images that will really stand out when compared against other types of presses such as screen or digital where there may be some fading over time due to the inks used.

Offset printing has been around for over 200 years. Through advancements in technology it has continued to be one of the most cost effective solutions for large scale print projects. If you are looking for a solution to your business’s copy and print needs Buffalo Press Inc is here to help, call us today at (716) 206-0541.