Office Decor & Staff Productivity

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Are you looking for effective ways to improve staff productivity? You might be slightly surprised to find out that your office decor can help.

The office space that you work in is one of the top five factors that determine how happy you and your employees are. Below are a few tips for making your workspace more enjoyable for everyone – thereby increasing productivity.

Make use of natural light.

If possible, desks should be placed near windows. Also, adjustable light is key. Keep a small lamp on desks, especially in an office with fluorescent overhead lighting.

Introduce some plant life.

Plants can make people up to 12% more productive, and they can reduce fatigue and headaches. For a natural humidifier, choose areca palms. For an air purifier, opt for a variegated snake plant. To elevate moods, look for lemon balm.

Color code according to your goals.

Blue has been shown to increase both productivity and mental stimulation. Red, which increases energy and stimulates breathing, is perfect for physical work. Yellow, an optimistic color that inspires and increases concentration, is great for creative work. White reflects light and creates an open, airy feeling.

Encourage the addition of personal touches.

To motivate, inspire and life spirits, suggest that your employees bring in some personal items such as photos, decorations, flowers or artwork. The more comfortable that people feel in their workplace, the quicker they begin to produce high quality work daily.


We live in a fast-paced world largely governed by technology. It’s often that we don’t realize the effects that our environment has on our productivity and well-being. Consider implementing some of these changes and pay attention to the subtle effects that they might have on creativity and work output.