Print Marketing for 2017

As the new year begins, make sure you are keeping your business objectives in mind when planning marketing for 2017.


With the advent of the internet, much of our marketing is based on a digital platform. However, there is still great importance placed on traditional print marketing. Here are some materials to consider when planning your print marketing for 2017:

Business Cards:

When it comes to making an impression, it’s important that you have a pocket full of business cards. Business Cards go a long way in promoting yours studio. They allow you to make a genuine connection while physically exchanging contact information for possible new clients.  While email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads all do a great job of attracting leads and prospects, nothing can replace the value of an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake and followed by a business card exchange. Business cards are physical tokens of remembrance. With creative design and text, potential clients will be sure to hold onto it and maybe even pass it along.

Brochures, Newsletters and Flyers:

Brochures, Newsletters and Flyers are staple marketing tools. They are most effective when they have a great presentation. Brochures, newsletters and flyers are lightweight forms of advertising that allow you to market your business directly to the consumer.  This medium helps sell with visuals and content, resulting in an easy and accessible ways for people to remember important points about your business. Flyers go one step further and enable you to promote specific aspects such as events, fundraisers, sales and promotions, grand openings, and more. A good brochure will offer visual and content cues of your businesses features and benefits. Sending out newsletters helps you connect with your client base, establish credibility and boost sales.

Direct Mail:

Direct Mail marketing allows for unsolicited advertising that is easy to design and offers unlimited product opportunities for your business. They can promote specials, products, studio, your incentive offers or anything you want! You can track your results by telling your customers to bring the card in for an incentive, like a discount. Now only are they great materials, but they are also inexpensive to print. By sending mail, you can solicit new customers and reconnect with existing customers. Direct mail materials can be oversized business cards, hang tags for products and mini information sheets.

At Buffalo Press, Inc. we offer quality printed materials for any business, big and small, to deliver great quality and fast service at a fair price.