Buffalo Bills Draft Recap

The NFL’s first round draft pick for 2023 was a wild one. Last night, the Buffalo Bills pulled off a surprise move by jumping two spots from No. 27 to Jacksonville’s spot at No. 25 in order to draft tight end Dalton Kincaid from the University of Utah.

Brandon Beane, General Manager of the Buffalo Bills, said that it was clear that there would be a run on wide receivers and if he wanted to get the player he wanted – Kincaid – he knew he had to act fast and jump ahead of the Cowboys at No. 26. He also noted how Kincaid’s college career with Utah made him an attractive candidate for them.

Kincaid will immediately provide another valuable asset to the Bills’ offense, making it a pick that will pay off for them in the long run. He is an experienced player with notable success at Utah, and he is sure to bring added power and agility to the team.

Overall, the first round of this year’s draft was full of surprises and strategic moves. It will be interesting to see how these picks pan out on the field!