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Fundraiser Signs

Looking for a fun and easy Fundraiser?!  Spread the buffalove throughout our community by selling Buffalo Lawn Signs.  Simply order and we will drop them off to you. $25 bucks per sign and you KEEP $10!


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Buffalo Bomb Squad

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Cardinal O’Hara

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Irish American Club

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MMB Bandits Black

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All signs will be available for pick-up at a designated date. You will be notified when and where you can pick up your signs by the athlete you’re supporting.

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Fundraiser Partners

Design of panther.
11U & 9U Mel Ott Panthers
School District
Buffalo Bomb Squad
Cardinal O’Hara
High School
Irish American


  • Does this cost anything to setup?

    Nope not at all! Just fill out the form above and we’ll get started on your fundraiser.

  • How do we get paid?

    After your fundraiser is completed, we write a check for your team/school/organization.

  • Can we use our own art work or have you create it for us?

    Yes, you can send us one of your designs or one our graphic designers will be happy to help you setup your fundraiser.

  • Does it include stakes?

    Yes, each sign comes with one stake.

  • Can we ship to multiple addresses?

    We generally arrange a single drop-off location for all sign orders and stakes for your team/school/organization. If you wish to order an additional batch(s) of signs, it must be in increments of 10.

    If you wish to ship/deliver to multiple addresses, there may be additional shipping fees.