Buffalo Music Beacons : The Continental

The Continental was once a thriving hot spot for the music scene in Buffalo, NY. The venue opened its doors in 1982 and quickly became a major destination for fans of all genres of music, from punk to alternative rock. Revered by locals and out-of-towners alike, The Continental was known for its eclectic lineups and incredibly intimate atmosphere that gave performers an opportunity to truly connect with the audience.

The Continental was the brainchild of local musician Bill Page, who envisioned it as a place where diverse musical styles could come together to create an unparalleled experience. And it did just that—from indie rockers like Built To Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel to punk stalwarts like Rancid and Bad Religion, The Continental consistently booked some of the best acts in every genre imaginable.

The Continental also had a reputation for being very supportive of local talent; they frequently gave up-and-coming bands a chance to play alongside established artists, giving them exposure they wouldn’t have had otherwise. This spirit of inclusion gave audience members the opportunity to discover new sounds and allowed musicians from all levels of success to interact with one another in meaningful ways.

Unfortunately in 2004, The Continental closed its doors due to financial difficulties. It has since been replaced by several other venues but none have come close to capturing the same energy or building the same community that The Continental did during its heyday. To this day, many former attendees still look back on The Continental with fondness—it was truly a special place that left an indelible mark on Buffalo’s music scene.