Are Your Business Listings Up-To-Date?

If you own a business, it’s likely that some of your online business listings are incorrect. These errors hurt your search rankings and frustrate your customers. New York Marketing can get rid of all of your bad business listings and ensure that your customers can find you quickly and easily.

Business Listing

Your listings will be accurate everywhere, every time. Guaranteed.

While you’ve heard of the most commonly visited listings, such as Google and Bing, there are hundreds of other business listings out there. Updating your listings manually is a tedious undertaking and your results are likely to be unpredictable. When we manage your business listings, we are capable of publishing your business’s most up-to-date information across a large network of listings known as the PowerListings® Network. Once you’ve created a listing or published an update, you don’t want anything overriding your work. The patented Match & Lock™ process protects your data from unauthorized changes.

Receive a clear report that details your search impressions. See how customers are engaging with your brand across local online channels so that you can engage the right customers in the most effective way at the right time.


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“I ran my free listings report and immediately knew that I needed help. After getting my business listings connected with New York Marketing, all of my listings were synchronized. Now, whenever I want to make a change, the process is quick, accurate and inexpensive.”

-Leon Tringali

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