Carbonless Forms 101

Carbonless forms are a useful tool for any business that needs fast duplicates of invoices, receipts, or other business forms. They are used to make a quick carbon copy of an original document without having to resort to a computer or pinpad style device. They are especially useful when documentation needs to go to different departments or for providing hand written copies of receipts. 

How are Carbonless Forms made?

Carbonless forms are created by a process of coating carbonless paper with a special reactive clay and micro-encapsulated ink or dye. The micro-capsules are placed on the back of the first sheet of carbonless paper while the corresponding sheet of paper’s front side is coated in a reactive clay.  An identical image is then created by printing or putting pressure on the first sheet. This pressure causes the micro-capsules to break and release their dye onto the clay covered corresponding sheets. These capsules are so small that the resulting corresponding prints are very accurate.  

Crafting The Perfect Form

While the size of carbonless forms can be customizable, formatting your forms properly is vital to the legibility and reproduction of the original impression. Printed text should be in a legible font that is large enough to read for all corresponding copies. If your printed forms require areas to be filled out by hand, be sure to provide an adequate and comfortable amount of space to write within. Make sure to include areas for all required information. If you find that your forms have an excess of dead space consider altering the margins, changing the size of the document, or adding a space for custom notes that may be written in if necessary. 

While carbonless form applications are virtually endless due to their versatility, they are not without their limitations. When customizing your businesses carbonless forms, it’s a good idea to limit the use of colors as they may not transfer very well to corresponding sheets. It’s also advised to limit the number of copies a form makes. While technically with enough force you could create an endless number of copies, a traditional, handwritten signature, for example, may not be clearly visible around 5 or more sheets. Lastly, like with any form or print project, proofread your forms before going to print to ensure accuracy.  

Carbonless Forms from New York Marketing

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