Custom Image Transfer 3D Stickers

Check out these cool image transfer stickers for your custom branding needs! They’re top-notch, printed on high-quality material, UV-coated, and cured to perfection. Get that luxurious, 3D look to boost your brand’s style on products and tools. Perfect for showcasing your logo, designs, or promotions!

Characteristics of Image Transfer Stickers

What sets these custom image transfer stickers apart from the rest? The answer lies in their unique construction which leaves only the transferred image on display upon application. Each sticker undergoes creation through a three-layered approach:

  • The base layer consists of the paper backing which supports the image transfer material.
  • The central layer embodies the essence of the sticker – the transfer material that bears the desired image.
  • The top layer, applied over the design, is the transfer tape which is critically responsible for holding the intricately placed components of the design together.

Using a transfer tape overlying the delicate design ensures that each element remains intact as the paper backing is peeled away, ready for application.

Resistance Properties of Image Transfer Stickers

These stickers aren’t just about looks; they’re also super tough! They can handle scratches, water exposure, and won’t fade easily in the light making them perfect for long-term use! Plus, they’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe; super versatile and durable.

Transfer cutting is a detailed process in which a sticker or decal gets finely cut (known as ‘weeding’), then transfer tape is applied over the design. This method is super popular for crafting vinyl lettering.

During this step, the image transfer material is cut precisely to the desired shape, whether it’s intricate graphics or simple text. Extra material is carefully removed to keep the sticker’s outline true to the design without any background distractions. Finally, transfer tape is used to hold everything in place, creating a ready-to-apply sticker with a cohesive image.

In short, whether you want to spruce up your product’s packaging or enhance your branding, Custom Image Transfer Stickers offer a classy and long-lasting way to make a lasting impact.