Division Rivals on a Friday Night

A group of young folks huddle out front an unmarked brick building off of West Tupper. Those driving by, turn their head back wondering why and what for have so many people gathered with visible anticipation. The sun setting between the tall buildings surrounding West Tupper and Pearl Street, shimmering pink and orange through the street, initiating the art to commence.

If you had no clue to the address, you might’ve gone right past this venue. The group of fashionably dressed individuals standing outside indicate that you have arrived to the correct place. The space in quaint and narrow with a particular vibe of excitement. A seeping anticipation, waiting to be immersed in sound. That is not the only air of anticipation in the room, with a tinge of anxiety hanging from the ceilings.

For both bands, this is some of their first shows; Dial-In is performing their second while it is the Division Rivals first time. For most people in the room, they don’t know what to expect. Division Rivals steps up on the stage for the first time, taking a leap of faith onto the stage. Kicking off with a bang, Division Rivals wakes the crowd up with strong bass-lines, killer guitar and torrential drumming.

Hearing and seeing the Division Rivals perform, one would assume this is their 10th time performing, even 15th. While still figuring out their sound, their chemistry was felt and translated into jam. Even when the microphone cut off, the band was able to continue playing and keeping the rhythm smoothly.

The sound exhibited by Division Rivals was reminiscent of 1980s skate punk and funk music. I am genuinely excited to see more from this group and where they are headed. The summer is almost here and the scene is alive and well.