Envelope Printing 101

In our ever changing world every business should be maximizing every marketing opportunity without overlooking even something as simple as the envelopes they use. Envelopes may not be the most exciting topic to talk about but let’s be honest, envelopes are a big business. Every business uses envelopes, whether you are sending out bills, payments, promotions, paychecks, etc. The presentation of your letter is just as important as the context and content carried within, and an envelope with unique graphics, eye-catching colors or custom dimensions is an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression of your brand upon prospective clientele.  

Tips For Designing Envelopes

Add Some Color

These days, the average household can receive 3 to 9 letters every single day, and with the average attention span being around 8 seconds your ability to draw someone’s attention is increasingly more narrow. So how can you make your mail standout? Add some color! Something as simple as adding color to your business envelopes can help draw the reader’s eyes as it stands out from the other standard plain white pieces of mail. 

Use a Graphic

Being unique can help provide a competitive advantage. In fact, statistically speaking, studies show that upwards of 70% of people are more likely to open an envelope and read the contents if the envelope contains color text and a graphic. Whether it’s your company logo, a custom image or even just an emoji, graphics and colors can capture someone’s attention and get them to take a look inside, which is the goal of sending a letter in the first place.   

Get Personal

Customized envelopes offer the perfect chance to speak directly to each addressed mail recipient. Even using basic customer information, such as their first name has been shown to increase the potential of having your piece of mail read by as much as 80%. Something as simple as “Susan, we have a great offer for you!”, can add a personal touch and entice the recipient to take a longer look at your letters.

Custom Envelope Printing

Utilizing and creating unique envelopes can help your business take advantage of a relatively untapped resource that has the potential to build brand recognition and help increase mail response rates. Whether you are looking for something simple or more creative, New York Marketing can print your business envelopes and keep you stocked up on all of your business’s stationery needs. Call us today for you next print project!