Event Tickets 101

Customized event tickets are a great asset for any business, organization, or sports team hosting an event or fundraiser. Event tickets are the first impression that you make on your attendees, so it’s important to make sure they look their best. A poorly designed event ticket can lead to confusion, low attendance, and high frustration from guests, which will affect your bottom line in the end. 


The front of an event ticket should showcase the most important details:

  • Event Name
  • Ticket Cost
  • Venue Name & Address
  • Event Time & Date
  • Bonus Info
    • Get potential guests excited by mentioning food or drink specials
    • Remind guests to hold on to tickets stubs for a chance to win Raffle Prizes or Door Prizes
    • Highlight event details like Chinese Auctions

This gives each guest enough info so they know the where, when, what, and how of your event.

For events with raffle drawings or door prizes, be sure to leave enough room on the stub for guests to write their name, phone, and email address so you can contact them after the event.

When printing event tickets it’s important to use clear and concise text. Opt for a legible size text in three different fonts:

  1. A cursive for a headline or honoree’s name
  2. A serif for subheadlines
  3. A sans-serif for details

Most importantly, make sure there are no typos! 

Printing the Back

Printing double-sided tickets can add to the cost but it can make the most of the available print space. The back of an event ticket should include any additional information for guests, such as parking instructions, websites, social media handles, or contact numbers.

Sequential Numbering

Keep track of tickets being purchased and returned with sequential numbering and perforation. Numbered tickets are especially great for events with a guest list! This will help organizers keep track of who is in attendance and prevent duplicate entries.


When printing event tickets, it’s important to print high quality. Cheap printing can lead to fuzzy text and poor colors that make your event ticket hard to read or unattractive. 

Printing the Perfect Ticket

To order event tickets, contact a top-quality print company like New York Marketing! This will ensure that your tickets are printed correctly and on time.