Featured Product: An Outdoor Pillow

This week’s featured product is…


An Outdoor Pillow

Comfy, practical and a great design item.

First, some logistics:

Outdoor pillows come in both square and rectangular sizes.  They are made of spun polyester and are also UV protected, and water and mildew resistant. Pillows can also be printed double side.


Do you have garden furniture? Perhaps a camping chair? Or maybe you just want a something soft to sit on at that trendy music festival? Well look no further than outdoor pillows. Outdoor pillows are the perfect edition to any chair, couch, hammock, canoe or any hard surface. They are akin to sitting on a cloud. Plus, your pillow is going to look awesome! Why you ask? Well because it’s your design. Don’t settle for generic when you can have an outdoor pillow that matches your personality and your outdoor furniture. Not creative? You can also put pictures on these pillows. Pick a picture of your kids or your significant other! You can even put a picture of your enemies on these pillows, so every time you sit on it, you sit on their face.

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