Featured Product: Mouse Pad

This week’s featured product is…

A Mouse Pad

Make your office a little more sassy

First, some logistics:

This mousepad comes in two sizes: 7.79″ x 9.25″ and 9.4″ x 7.74″. Mousepads have a black back, are stain-resistant and are easy to clean.


Are you stuck in front of a computer everyday of the week? Make your desk job a little more exciting! Mousepads are great places to show off those adorable pictures of your kids, pet, or significant other. Don’t have any kids, pets, or significant others? Well you can design a mousepad to perfectly match the aesthetic of your desk. Need another reason to get a mousepad? Not only do they allow protection for your desk, but they also make sure a super comfortable place to put your hand while you are working on those super boring spreadsheets.

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