#FridayFacebookTip: Content Distribution

Here is your #FridayFacebookTip from New York Marketing💡

An important aspect of promoting your business on Facebook is content distribution. You may be posting a lot, but you might not be reaching your audience.

There are many mediums that you can use for creating original content. You can use…





-live videos

-question and answer

-live videos


Make sure to exhaust all of these avenues for creating original content! It will help you engage new and current followers and build consumer retention.

Engagement is an important goal whenever you post. You want to aim to spark meaningful conversations and interactions with your customers. Ask questions that allow for a wide range of responses as well as interacting with these answers directly.

To build retention, post longer videos, more photos, and more engaging content. The longer a customer stays engaging and interacting with your content, means they are more likely to remember it and think about it in the future.