Loyalty Cards 101

Inspire Return Customers With Loyalty Cards

Every Buffalo business faces competition and customer acquisition is always a top priority. Equally as important is getting those patrons to come back. There’s a classic episode of the hit sitcom Seinfeld where Elaine accidentally writes her number down on a business card she was trying to save because she finally collected enough stamps on the card to get a free submarine sandwich. Later in the episode it’s revealed that she didn’t even particularly like the subs but she was determined to get the free sandwich she earned. It was a funny depiction of loyalty to a business based on their incentive program.

Pick Your Audience

Loyalty Cards can have a positive long term effect on your business and earn you higher sales. Your incentive doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective, but before you settle on a reward, think about your audience. Who shops at your store? What incentive would appeal to them most? Giving consumers a reason to return by offering product discounts, coupons, points, and other rewards is great but make sure the offer is something they’d want to take advantage of. A possible incentive could be:

  • A free gift with your 10th purchase.
  • Save 10% on your next purchase when you sign up for our newsletter.
  • Save $20 on your next visit when you refer a friend.

Giving your customers an added perk motivates them to continue their business with you.

Include Your Contact Info

Business loyalty cards are a versatile, cost-effective marketing tool that can be customized to include not just an incentive but vital contact information. Brand the back of your cards with your company logo, website, phone, email, address, and social media handles. This gives customers another reason to keep their loyalty cards close!

Color, Text, And Stock

In “Crafting Memorable Business Cards” we reviewed several design essentials meant to make your business cards stand out. These same design tips can be applied here as well!

Professional Printing

At New York Marketing our business is helping your business. When it comes time to print your new loyalty cards, trust to provide high-quality printing at an affordable price. With a variety of size options, stocks, and finishes, you’re guaranteed a product you’ll love! Call us today at (716) 632-7200 for your next print project estimate.