Marketing with Flyers

Like any marketing material, flyers need to be specifically created for a target audience to be effective. When running your campaign, know what your audience wants. This will gear your typography, images, distribution strategies, and other related concepts in the right direction to best display your message and reach your target demographic. When thinking of strategies for your next marketing campaign, consider flyers!

All About Flyers:

Flyers are typically a single sheet that is not folded with information on one or both sides. Usually, flyers are printed on 8.5″x 11″ paper but can be any size so long as they are easy to handle. Use this platform for conveying short, concise messages. Thus, they can easily and conveniently be displayed, mailed and distributed to your target audience. They are best used for short-lived promotions because the way they are used means they have a shorter lifespan than most print formats. If you would like to print reference material on your flyers and want them to hold up for longer, try printing on thicker paper or cardstock.

Use flyers for your…

  • Event announcements
  • Advertising openings for new businesses like clubs, bars, restaurants, etc
  • Fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.
  • As handouts and newspaper/magazine inserts
  • As information sheets, as part of a promotional campaign
  • Other general localized advertisements

Tips For Marketing With Flyers:

Market Research

Your chosen demographic has a set list of habits, dislikes, and preferred aesthetics that you will need to understand.Typefaces, art styles, and graphic design must all cater to the tastes of whoever you’re selling to. If you do not understand your demographic, there is no point to creating flyers in the first place.

Keep them Focused

Do not overpopulate your flyers with information. The contamination of information with redundant, unsolicited, pointless data can reduce their value. Decide on the most important things your audience needs to know and work from there. There should be 2-5 important details and the unimportant stuff should be left out.

Make It Easy To Understand

Regardless of your audience, it should only take a few seconds to understand the purpose of your flyer. If you have a tagline, make sure it doesn’t take a genius to understand what you are talking about. Use easy-to-read fonts and typefaces and always use the best resolution that you can manage. This will ensure that your message comes across clear and concise.

Flyers are bigger than business cards, so you can include more important data. These include:

  • Opening hours
  • Complete address
  • Contact details
  • Website/social media pages
  • Maps to your business/events
  • QR codes

Flyer printing is affordable and makes a lasting first impression. At New York Marketing we offer quality printed materials for any business, big and small, to deliver great quality and fast service at a fair price.