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Photographic technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. The barrier to capturing important (and not so important) moments has all but been removed by the introduction of smart phones and affordable point and shoot camera options. Coupled with the increasing desire to communicate visually online and the demand for high quality, attention-grabbing content in our digital world, these factors have introduced a unique dilemma for many businesses and organizations.

The impulse to handle photography in-house is driving a lot of low quality images in situations that demand a professional touch. High-quality photography gives your visual brand an edge, shows investment in your business and gives your target audience the confidence to invest in you. If you want professional, high-quality images backed by a creative vision, you will need a professional photographer.

At New York Marketing, we offer professional photography and video packages for all of your events and fundraisers, as well as head shots, product shots, portraits, and more. Get high-quality prints directly shipped to your home or office. Decide between traditional posed shots and action shots, as well as green screen photography. Our skilled and experienced staff of photographers have more than 35 years of experience in photography, Photoshop, and other editing software. Whether your project is business-related or personal, our award-winning photographers can be there for your special moments — offering exclusive event and customizable picture day packages.

Let NYGMS capture the moment so that you can simply enjoy it.