Postcard Printing: Birthday Party Invitation Edition

Time To Celebrate Another Year!

Like fine wine, people improve with age. And we’ll take any excuse to spend time with friends and family! A birthday is an annual reason to get together, catch up, and create new memories without the stress of the holidays looming overhead. Kids especially love birthdays because it’s a day all about them! Help the birthday boy or girl celebrate in style with custom invitations.

Not sure where to start with your design? Here are some helpful tips to create the perfect birthday party invitations:

To Mail or Not To Mail

Evites (or electronic invitations) are a growing trend. Rather than mail traditional postcards, parents are opting for a “one and done” email to hit their invitees’ inboxes simultaneously. However, we recommend skipping this digital trend in favor of physical invites. Your child’s friends will love getting mail addressed to them, and parents can keep the invite as a reminder of where, when, and what to bring.

4 Tips For The Perfect Design

  1. Match the theme. Whether it’s a color scheme, a TV show or movie (Paw Patrol and Jurassic Park themed invites are very popular for boys while Vampirina and Disney are popular among the girls), or a motif like dinosaurs, zoo animals, or flowers, incorporate it into your design.
  2. Get creative. Have fun! Add polka dots and stripes to the background or use a pattern. And get inventive with the text. For a two-year-old, try a phrase like “It’s hard to believe, but yes it’s true, [child’s name] is turning two!” Or for a three-year-old, a phrase like “Come celebrate with me as I turn three!”
  3. Personalize with a photo. Dress up the birthday boy or girl and snap a photo to include somewhere in your design.
  4. Don’t skimp on the details. Tell your guests how old your child is turning, the party’s date, time (start and end), and location, an RSVP contact, date and phone number, any directions or recommendations (like bring a suit and towel for a pool party), and any other important day-of details that will help your child’s party go off without a hitch.

Let your child help with the design and watch their face light up when they see the finished product!

Send To Print

After you and the birthday boy or girl have settled on a design, print your perfected birthday party invitations with New York Marketing. We offer high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at an affordable price. With a variety of size options, stocks, and finishes, you’re guaranteed a finished product you’ll love!