Ratthews Weekly Favorites

Ratthew has a TON of responsibilities throughout the week, just like you and me! From sending out emails and creating social media content, to designing and ordering products for his clients, Ratthew works hard all week long.

However, there are a couple of services that he uses to help him complete his goals faster, easier, and in a cost-efficient way. Here are two of Ratthews Weekly Favorites!


When sending out dozens of emails daily, generating social media content and creating blog posts, Ratthew has a higher chance of accidentally messing up his grammar. It’s important for his writing to be perfect in order to maintain a professional and reliable business. To do this, he uses a program called Grammarly!

Grammarly scans his writing for spelling and punctuation errors, helping him fix his writing to become mistake-free. The reason why Ratthew recommends Grammarly to all of his fellow friends and clients is because they offer a variety of plans for different uses. While their free version offers basic writing suggestions, they offer two other paid plans called Premium and Business. Both for personal or team use, these Grammarly programs improve your writing and maintain professionalism .

Boxed Up

Ratthew started his small business from the ground up, just like you. He is familiar with the hard work, and often times high cost, that comes with it. However, Ratthew found a great solution to packaging his product!

Ratthew now uses Boxed Up to create custom boxes for his business! Not only can he design a variety of boxes to fit his needs, but he’s saving money while doing it. By offering 25 common sizes and structure types, Boxed Up is able to keep costs down for their customers.

Ratthew knows that branding is an important part of creating a successful small business. He loves that he can customize his boxes with his businesses logo, name, and colors. The more people that see his custom designed boxes, the more brand awareness he can spread for his business.

Check back next week for more of Ratthews Weekly Favorites!