Social Media Tips: Facebook Edition

Here are some tips to increase followers on social media : Facebook edition ✌🏽

Why is it so important to gain a following on Facebook? Well, one reason is that it increases your brand exposure. When more people know about your business, the amount of potential leads and clients that you attract increases 👍🏽 Not only that, but you will be able to highlight your company culture and build brand loyalty!

Some ways to grow your Facebook following are…

1. Boost your posts! For a few dollars a day, target a specific group of people to advertise your posts to. This is the easiest (and pretty cheap) way to gain exposure quickly 💡

2. Add Facebook buttons on your website, blogs, emails, and other social media pages. With one click, potential clients are brought directly to your Facebook page ✨ You can also add buttons so people can immediately follow your page without being redirected to Facebook!

3. Keep it interesting! Once people reach your Facebook page, you want to keep them interacting with your profile. Use photos, gifs, videos and links to keep your viewers engaged 👋🏻

4. Interact with similar pages! Just a simple like, repost, or comment can make pages in your area aware of your business. Be sure to follow and friend business’s in your city and the surrounding area!