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Social Media is an ever-growing, ever-changing outlet that enables you to interact on a more personal level with your customers. Using posts, photos, videos, online reviews, and “likes,” social media enables you to reach a wider audience than you might have reached through a website alone.

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Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have always been an easy, free way to market your company. With an estimated total of more than 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide*, access to social media is now easier than ever!

Percentage of marketers who use the following social platforms:









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However, these platforms have changed the way content is viewed. This means that the best way for companies to be seen, is to pay for advertising on these platforms. While compelling, informative, high quality content is necessary, it is increasingly making sense for businesses to invest in pay per click advertising. This means close attention to your social media impact and an understanding of the factors affecting your performance.

Did You Know: 78% of consumers are influenced by social media when they shop online?



Pay per click advertising allows you to use social media to target a specific audience based on age, gender, geographic location, and interest.

Improve customer service with real time interaction & immediate response to problems.

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New York Marketing can help you monitor your progress and better adapt to changing market trends by meeting consumers where they already operate. Utilizing an active social media environment and a constantly expanding market, the opportunities to reach your goals are endless. Combining that with creative vision and an understanding of your objectives, we can help you navigate a competitive market with clarity.

Use social media to target a specific audience.


There are 1.5 billion active users on Facebook


Different social media platforms can target selected audiences


Help boost your SEO, which will allow you gain more traffic to your site


Did you know that 80% of users on Pinterest are female?