Secure. Private.  Trusted

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business. Now that you have the perfect domain and design, establish a secure connection and improve your Google rankings with an SSL certificate. SSL secures millions of peoples data on the internet every day, especially during online transactions.

SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely. Normally, data is sent between browsers and web servers as plain text. This makes it easy for attackers to intercept all data being sent. With an SSL certificate, any information that is transmitted becomes encrypted by inserting random characters into the original message. The message becomes unreadable to everyone except for the intended server.

How Does SSL Create A Secure Connection?

When a browser attempts to access a website with an SSL certificate, the browser and the web server establish a connection using a process called an “SSL Handshake.” The SSL Handshake is invisible to the user and happens instantaneously.

  1. The browser connects to a website with SSL and requests that the server identifies itself.
  2. The server sends a copy of the SSL certificate, including the public key.
  3. The browser checks the certificate against a  list of trusted CAs. It also checks if the certificate is expired, unrevoked, and that it is valid for the website it is connecting to.
  4. If the browser trusts the certificate, it creates, encrypts, and sends back a session key using the server’s public key.
  5. The server decrypts the session key using its private key and sends back an acknowledgment with the session key to start the encrypted session.
  6. The server and the browser now encrypt all transmitted data with the session key.



  • Sensitive Information: Keeps sensitive information encrypted so only the recipient can understand it.
  • Provide Authentication: Sends your information to the right server and prevents imposters from stealing your information.


  • Establish Trust: 
    With visual cues, visitors will know that their connection is secure and will be more likely to buy.
  • PCI Compliance: 
    Required for any website accepting credit card information