Why You Should Be Boosting Your Posts on Social Media

In the ever-evolving world of social media, boosted posts have become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Similar to an ad, boosting a post involves spending a small amount of money to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, social media platforms have recently changed their algorithm to show personal pages over business accounts. This has caused business accounts to have to boost their posts in order to gain the reach they had before. If you’ve been using these platforms for some time, you may have noticed an increase in the number of ads appearing in your timeline, replacing posts from accounts you follow.

This shift in algorithmic preference might seem frustrating, but it also presents a golden opportunity for businesses to gain more visibility and engagement. By opting to boost your posts, you exploit this change in policy to your advantage.

Boosting posts ensures that your content gets the visibility it deserves. It amplifies your reach, gets your content in front of the right audience, and increases engagement rates. This strategy is especially beneficial in a time where organic reach is dwindling and competition is fierce.

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Still Missing Interaction from Your Top Fans?

There is no denying that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing channels for businesses, but due to ever-changing algorithms, it can be challenging to maintain consistent visibility on these platforms. To overcome this hurdle, it is essential to encourage your loyal customers to add your business social media profiles to their “favorites.” This will help you to stay on their radar, increase your organic reach, and get more eyes on your content.

Adding a profile top your favorites is simple, but not always obvious. Watch these super short videos that show you how to add and manage your favorites on each platform.