#WordOfTheWeek – SEO

Good morning folks! Today’s #WordOfTheWeek Wednesday is SEO, an important digital marketing term that every business owner should know. ✨

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Improving your websites SEO can move your site up in search engine rankings and make your business available to more people. Effective SEO can direct traffic to your website for FREE!

You can optimize your websites SEO in many ways…

Content- Improve quality, quantity, and relevancy. Use target keywords that you want your business to rank for. This means you also want to update your content regularly to stay relevant in search engines.

Links- Try creating links within text to increase search engine value. When choosing words to hyperlink, you want to make sure they are descriptive and key words relevant to what you are talking about.

Alternative tags- Alternative tag descriptions on your visual or video media allows search engines to locate your page.