Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): 101

Now more than ever the United States Postal Service is faced with increased criticism from falling revenue jeopardizing its future. The USPS employs over 600,000 people across the United States making it one of the largest employers in the country. One of the best ways to help the postal service is to use its services to benefit your business by tapping into the low competition market of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Trends in marketing have shifted from fliers and mailers to digital mediums like email lists and cost-per-click advertisements on Google and Facebook. With so many companies making the switch to the digital world it has made direct mail marketing an appetizing avenue for businesses to reinvest in. In a previous post, we discussed the efficiency of direct mailers here. Despite being a few years old, the same statistics apply. The simple fact is that modern email algorithms are filtering out more promotional and spam emails than ever before, leaving your marketing efforts in a digital purgatory or, worse yet, deleted and never to be seen or heard from again. In fact, oftentimes 50% of the emails people receive throughout the course of a day go unnoticed and are sent to the digital trash bin. 

Once you have decided to expand your marketing reach with EDDM, there are several tips to help maximize its efficiency and help save time planning your campaign. 

  • Follow the size requirements: There are specific dimensions, sizes, shapes and even thickness requirements you must follow. Mailers must be a minimum of 5 inches long, 3-1/2 inches high and 0.007 inch thick but no greater than 10-½ inches long, 6-1/8 inches high, or ¼ inch thick. To ensure you meet these requirements you can refer to USPS official site detailing the requirements and restrictions by clicking here.
  • Use a design template: Designing a EDDM postcard can present some challenges. Fortunately there are a variety of free predesigned templates available to help, choose the one that best fits your design ideas. 
  • Double check for accuracy:  Make sure your EDDM’s have accurate information. A small spelling error may go unnoticed but ensuring your contact information is accurate is absolutely crucial. Sending out 2,000 flyers with the wrong phone number can be completely counterproductive to your campaign. 

Every Door Direct Mailers can expand your marketing reach and boost customer acquisition for your business. As an added bonus you’re also helping to save the United States Postal Service. If you’re looking to expand your marketing reach with an EDDM campaign let us help! New York Marketing’s design and print team can produce stunning, attention grabbing mailers at a competitive price. Call us today at (716) 632-7200.