Spread Cheer With Holiday Cards

The holiday season is the perfect time to let your customers know that you are thinking of them. But how can you make a statement that will be remembered? Why holiday cards, of course!

But Why Holiday Cards?

Every one of your customers wants to be appreciated. The holidays are a great time to say thank you for past business and establish stronger connections with customers you may have lost touch with during the year. On the contrary, you can also gain new clients by thanking them for learning more about you and your business while also wishing them a happy holiday season. Holiday cards are also great ways to renew your relationships, create new ones, and establish awareness for your business. If you are in the minds of your clients or potential ones, they are more likely to mention you and your business to family or friends, creating new prospective clients for you.

Things To Keep In Mind:


Don’t settle for a generic greeting card! Create a custom card that matches your company colors and includes your logo. Make sure you always keep your brand in mind when designing your card. It should match your company culture and reflect pieces you have made in the past. When your card is perfectly tailored to your company, then you can personalize it. Personally address the recipient by first name, or company, in each card. You can also have each employee sign a piece of paper and include their signatures onto the digital design. These small elements make your card feel warm and inviting, while also being personal to the recipient.


When you have an awesome design, you’ll also need an equally awesome message. However, don’t stress about creating the perfect message. As long as it’s sincere, then your clients will appreciate the gesture. Make sure your message is short and to the point using your company’s voice. When in doubt, a simple “Happy Holidays” will suffice. Don’t forget a special offer or discount as a gift. You can coupons on the back panel of your card or as a separate insert. Or you can include a second offer that they can share with a friend or provide an additional incentive with the referral.

Check Your List!

Actually, you better check it twice. Not only do you want to include all of your clients, but you also need to make sure you are not sending your card to the wrong address. Also, check for duplicates so that you’re not spending twice as much to send a card to the same location.

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