Menus 101

A Feast For The Eyes

A menu is more than just a list—it’s a direct marketing tool that puts your restaurant name and product right into the hands of consumers. Take-out menus come a dime a dozen so it’s essential for yours to stand out from the competition. With a strong menu design you can trust that yours will win over potential customers and get those tables filled!

Create Contrast

Menus often use smaller print to squeeze in those necessary descriptions but be mindful that you don’t go too small. Your text needs to be legible for all patrons, old and young. Someone who struggles to read their menu–especially in restaurants with dimmer “mood lighting”– may get turned off from your establishment or may consider their visit a negative dining experience.

When selecting font colors, stick to black on light backgrounds or white for dark backgrounds. Use vibrant colors as accents like section headers, borders, and dividers. And keep it simple! Limit yourself to two or three complimentary fonts. One for headers. One for menu items. And one for callout text or special pullouts. Consider fonts from your brand or clean sans-serifs with different weights to differentiate an item from its price and description.

Skip The Prices

And speaking of prices. When it doubt, omit them from your menu. This will benefit you in two main ways. First, customers are more likely to spend when they’re unaware of the total bill. Frugal diners may alter their palettes because a price seems “too high”. Second, prices change. Taking it off the menu means you can print your in-house or take-out menus in bulk without having to worry about minor price adjustments as the fair market value increases.

Make It Flow

It may seem obvious but your menu should have a clear flow from start to finish. Layout your menu like you would serve a meal. Begin with appetizers, soups, and salads, when applicable. Then move on to sandwiches, burgers, and other entrees with your drinks, desserts, and kid’s menu at the very end. Keep your descriptions concise and avoid unnecessary embellishment as much as possible.

Add Photos (But Use Sparingly)

A picture is worth a thousand words so if your menus don’t showcase high-quality, full color images of your most eye-catching dishes, then you’re missing out an essential selling point.

Be Color Conscious

Each color has its own meaning but certain colors can also influence a customer’s appetite. Reds, oranges, and yellows stimulate appetite while blue can suppress it, so choose carefully.

Professional Printing

When it comes time to print your perfected menus, choose New York Marketing. We offer high-quality color menu printing for any restaurant, big or small, at an affordable price. With a variety of size options, stocks, and finishes, you’re guaranteed a product you’ll love.