Black And White Copies 101

Contrary to popular belief, making non colored copies is not exactly black and white. While fuzzy images and text on a flyer may be acceptable for a college band promoting their 15 minute set at a local bar, in the business world, poorly printed materials could give patrons the wrong impression.

However, just like with full color copies, black and white copies have a set of guidelines and rules to make a perfect reprint again and again.

Printing Black And White Copies 101

Whether it’s an advertisement such as a flyer or hand out, your restaurant’s menu, or business invoices or order forms, the key to any copy is clarity and consistency. Images and text should be easily identifiable and legible. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect copies:

  • Do not copy a copy. It’s always recommended that you should never make copies of a copy as this can distort images and begin to make text look fuzzy. The more times you make a copy from a copy the more distorted your prints can become.
  • Add images to your document. Plain text documents can be boring. Stimulate your reader by incorporating quality images, graphics, or charts.
  • Make sure your images have enough contrast. Take into consideration the contrast between the colors of the original images you are copying and how they will translate over to grayscale. If the images are too dark/light you might want to consider adjusting the color settings of your image before going to print.
  • Do not place artwork along the edge of the paper. With any type of printing you should leave a ¼” margin. Text and Images that extend to the edge of the paper are in danger of getting cut off.

Professionally Printed Copies

Black and white copies may not seem like a complicated process but there are some factors to consider. Here at New York Marketing, we can take the guesswork out of your print projects. There’s no job too big, no job too small. Give us a call at (716) 632-7200.