Facebook Feature Tip Friday!

Here is a Facebook Feature Tip for your Friday ✌🏽

Facebook offers a type of paid promotion called a “Boost Post.” For a few dollars, Facebook can boost past posts from your business to target specific people and reach a wider audience. It seems easy, but reaching the right demographic can be tough.

Follow these few tips to optimize the Boost Post option! ✨

1. Make sure to choose the right posts to boost. Check Facebook Insights to better understand your page’s performance and find out which posts have the most interaction. These are going to be the posts that you want to boost… Also, make sure that the posts you are boosting are high-quality photos and videos that are eye-catching and engaging!

2. Target options are very important. Make sure you are choosing to reach people in your area such as your city or state, depending on what type of audience you are trying to reach. Take note of the age, gender, and interests that you are targeting as well… Also, decide if you are trying to boost something that is relevant to current clients or if you are you trying to interact with new customers.

3. Figure out the best time to boost your posts. Get a feel for what time of the day, or what day of the week, your audience interacts with your page the most. This will ensure that you reach as many people as possible! #marketing#businesstips#marketingtips#socialmedia#socialmediatips#facebooktips