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If you’re looking to have your site ranked on Google and you are not a web expert, you’re in luck. New York Marketing will manage your pay per click marketing campaign while helping you stay within your predetermined budget

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What is a pay per click campaign (PPC)?

A pay per click marketing campaign generally refers to search engine marketing campaigns or content focused advertising campaigns. It is advertising based on content and keyword search results.

– Target the right people

Create a geo-targeted campaign or determine where your ads show.

– Save Money

Ensure you’re not advertising to the wrong audience or through the wrong channels.

– Gain more control

You can effectively control your spending and whether a collection of Ad Groups continues to run, is paused, or is deleted at this level.


  • You decide a budget for us to follow in most effective way possible.
  • We establish what key words and phrases are most relative to your business.
  • We block searches that may use a key word but is not relative to your business (ex. A company who sells home security systems may use “alarm” as a key word, but not want to be found under “alarm clocks”.)
  • Track the most effective key words and phrases and adjust your campaign accordingly to maximize your success.

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