Must-Have Marketing Materials: Gyms & Fitness Studios

Gym and fitness studio owners have one of the hardest tasks of any business: to get clients to come in and to keep them coming back, day after day, week after week and subscribing, month after month. At the forefront of every gym owner’s mind is the same question: how do I acquire more consistent clients? The answer is in your marketing materials. 

Direct Mailers

Every Door Direct Mailers are a popular tool for any business looking to target a specified area. When a potential client is looking for a new gym or fitness studio to go to, one of the most common deciding factors is location. The ability to be able to target specific areas and age ranges of households can be especially beneficial if you’re trying to attract a particular demographic, such as seniors or students. Direct mail can be delivered quickly and canvas as large or as little an area you choose, often for less than the price of a stamp. Just make sure you spend some time on the design. An unattractive, unappealing, inaccurate mailer can send the wrong message. 

Flyers & Door Hangers

Speaking of targeted marketing, flyers and door hangers could save you a few stamps if you are willing to do the leg work. The reason flyers are so effective is because of the sheer volume of materials you can get for a low price. Flyers are quick and easy to pass on, so making an eye catching design is crucial to ensure the person you hand it off to holds on to it for later. If you can’t handout a flyer, leave a door hanger behind to introduce your business to the area. 

Signs, Banners & Decals

Every gym and fitness studio has its own energy and vibe. Make sure that message is properly displayed. While plain white walls and bland displays may appeal to some participants, the majority of people prefer a certain energy level when they’re getting ready to work out. Having appropriate signs, banners, and decals can help establish your brand and motivate gym-goers.

Business Cards

Are you a personal trainer? Then you already know that half of your job is your personality and the ability to sell yourself. Outside of the gym, personal trainers can often attract new clients anywhere they go. Having a steady supply of business cards can allow you to make new contacts quickly and build your brand. Business cards are the perfect marketing tool to help build on those brief encounters!

New York Marketing

Printed marketing materials such as direct mail, flyers, door hangers and business cards maintain their effectiveness, even in the digital age. When it comes to promoting your business, New York Marketing has all the mandatory marketing materials you need to help take that next step. Expand your marketing reach today by calling (716) 632-7200.