Automated Custom Email Series Deposit


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The Automated Custom Email Series is $900 for a six text email series written specifically for your company, product, or service. These are NOT template emails.

Or we offer an Automated Custom Email Series featuring a six video email series for $2,000.

The Automated Custom Email Series is designed to follow-up with your leads at specific points over the course of several weeks.

After your $99 deposit is processed, we will reach out to schedule your first consultation to discuss your company, your marketing goals, and your email marketing campaign in more detail.


This system consists of three parts:

STEP 1: After you decide to work with me, we’ll set up a phone consultation or a Zoom meeting.

There, I’ll learn about your business, the product or service you want to highlight, and the most unique, attractive benefits of it.

STEP 2: I create a mesmerizing series of seven emails that are designed to grab your prospect’s attention and guide him or her toward a conversion.

Again, the conversion goal can be to make a purchase. book a consultation, subscribe to an ezine, or whatever we decide together.

STEP 3: After I create the autoresponder series, it’s delivered to you via a Microsoft Word document.

Example Of Each Series


Example Video


Example Text

[screenshot of email here]