At New York Marketing we understand how important your brand is to you. That is why we provide resources that will enhance your company’s look. From printing to website design, we work with you to meet your goals and develop your company’s brand.

Every company should continuously think of new ways to reinvent themselves. Rebranding is more than creating a new logo. You have to create a whole new image for yourself. It is like a makeover for your company. Once in a while, you need to reinvent yourself to become a better you. Rebranding is a normal thing that every company should undergo every 7-10 years. By doing this it shows that you are growing and committed to improving your business.

Does your business need re-branding? 

You might be thinking, “Do I really need to rebrand my business?“. To answer this, you have to ask yourself a few more questions:

Is your brand targeting the right demographic? If not, this is a great way to improve who you want your audience to be. Tapping into a new demographic will keep your business moving forward and expanding. A perfect example of this is Pabst Blue Ribbon. In America, PBR is known as cheap beer for college students, but in China, it is a luxury whiskey. They expanded their demographic towards higher end customers in a new region and were more successful because of it.

Are you embarrassed to give people your business card or show them your website? Then you need to create a new image for your company. You should be proud of who you are. Having self-confidence in your brand will show your clients that you can be trusted. Now, you won’t need to explain to people why your website is outdated and take full advantage of the opportunity to flaunt your business.

Does your brand still represent who you are? Your business might have had a vision in mind when it first started, but then over time, you realized that you might not feel the same way anymore. It is common for a company to change their mission as they grow. Once this happens, you need to realign your brand so it can fit your new mission.

Are you moving forward with the current market? Sometimes you need to change your brand because of the current market situation. One day you might be in, but the next you’re out. Make sure that your brand is always up-to-date with the current market and trends.

Your current brand isn’t unique enough? Is your brand blending with others? Make sure that you stand out from all of your competitors so that people will easily remember your company.

Need help Rebranding? Look no further than New York Marketing! With customizable packaging to fit your needs, we will help you outshine your competition while building your online presence and brand awareness.