Social Media Content Creation

Snap, Tweet, Gram, Like, And Share
Your Way To A Larger Audience

When you hear the phrase “social media” what platform does your mind jump to?
The answer actually depends on your age.

Know Your Audience

A younger audience will immediately jump to Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and newer platforms that allow them to create interactive contact through images and short 15-second video clips.

An older audience will look towards Facebook and Twitter, and older text-based platforms that allow them to connect with like-minded individuals.

So what does this mean for business owners? Is it possible for a restaurant to run a successful Tik Tok account or a law office to find new clients through Facebook?

Marketing on Social Media

While strong annual sales is the ideal endgame, marketing is about more than just the bottom dollar. It’s about reaching your target audience, increasing your brand awareness, and keeping your brand name, products, and/or services in front of consumers. If you’re not being seen, you have a problem.

This means routinely updating your social media platforms even if you only post fresh content once a week. When a potential customer stumbles upon (or actively searches for) your business, you want them to immediately realize you’re in business and ready to connect. If you haven’t made an update in weeks, there is a very real chance potential customers will dismiss your account and assume you’ve closed or shut down.

Social Media Content Creation

At New York Marketing we understand the importance of content creation on your website to boost SEO and on social media to keep your account(s) active. Using a combination of eye-catching, yet informative, graphics and text we post content across all of your social media platforms.

Can you or an employee do this yourself? Of course. But the more time you put into social media marketing, the less time you put into the rest of your work.

Custom Content Creation

Every business is different so the content we produce is created to reflect your brand and tailored to highlight your specific services and products in the best light.