Underground Vibrations Newsletter Vol. 1: April

It’s the city of wings and music! From art indie rock to boom bap hip hop, Buffalo is home to a thriving underground music scene that will leave you wondering what secrets it holds. Buffalo has always had a strong underground music scene but in the past decade, there’s been a different air and energy about the city. Without further adieu, welcome to the first edition of Underground Vibrations Newsletter, where we will be shining a spotlight on talented underground artists and bridging the gap between them and the people of Buffalo.

First off, this Friday April 7th, you can catch Backpack Mafia at Milkie’s (522 Elmwood Ave.) @ 8PM for another installment in their Battle of the Beats series. Showcasing the most prominent and talented producers in the entire city, battling it out LIVE and UNCUT. This event has been going on for five years and never disappoints so make sure you are there to watch the best duke it out through sonic warfare. Link to purchase tickets is here

After taking a week to lick your wounds from surviving the battle you witnessed at Milkie’s the previous Saturday, it’s time to get up and get grooving. On Thursday, April 13th, you can catch Pr0 Social performing his outstanding new album “Things I’ve Buried Live”. Pr0 Social blends R&B and Hip-hop into a beautiful, groovy, soulful experience, whether live or through your headphones (He is crazy good live). Pr0 Social is bringing a slew of talented artists along with him including frequent collaborators Grace Greenan and Free Music Party’s Eddy Blanco, along with Stinlo and the High Tides. Doors open at 8PM and the show begins at 9PM. Regardless on if you seen any of these artists live or not, this show is a cannot-miss. Those who have seen any of these artist know this already. You can purchase tickets for the event here

Thought it was time to take a break? WRONG. Strap your big black boots on, put on as many rings as possible and let’s mosh. This is where we get real underground. Fresh to the scene local bands, Dial In and Division Rivals are throwing a show that is free but to get in, you’ve got to DM either band or @isweariwould on Instagram. Doors open at 7PM and the show starts at 8PM. You better be there, or I’m going to find you in the pit.

To wrap up April splendidly, we’ve got a wonderful show suggestion for all to vibe out at. The Lavender Room, a queer-ran inclusive DIY basement venue, is throwing a show on April 29th showcasing local indie folk and rock. The lineup boasts Terra Cotta Drag Queen, a Buffalo Freak Folk artist, as well as other local act Mother Nature’s Son, a Buffalo Indie Rock artist. We didn’t forget about Philly’s Soft Idiot, who performs Indie Rock and Freak Folk. This event is also a “DM for Location” event, so to get location details, direct message @thelavenderroomny on Instagram.

Thank you all for tuning into the first volume of the Underground Vibrations Newsletter and as always, stay cool y’all.