Why Print is So Effective

From online ads to television commercials to radio spots, advertising is a big part of our day to day life. When businesses embark on a new marketing campaign, the big question involved what platform you are going to use. With all the advances in digital technology, you may think that print is falling by the wayside. However, what if we told you that print actually outperforms other marketing platforms? If you need to get the word out about your products and services, print marketing, or print marketing combined with other media avenues, is the way to go. But why is print marketing so effective?

Slower and Deeper Reading

It is so easy to read quickly and skim when you are reading online. Often you just want to get to the main idea and move onto the next article. In contrast, when reading on paper, people read slower and more deliberately. This allows them to take in more information and understand it at a deeper level. Research states that paper-based reading is more slow and deliberate when compared to screen-based reading, which is faster and more superficial. Print ads have the unique ability to capture the reader’s attention for a longer period of time as they put themselves into a picture or fantasize wearing the clothes, driving the car or taking the trip.

More Focused

The online community is naturally distracting. Frequent interruptions from advertisements, notifications, and other on-screen components make it difficult for a reader to focus on the material. Printed material doesn’t offer the same distractions, so the reader can stay more focused on the content. Granted distracted reading and multitasking are still a thing, but an online environment offers more distractions on the actual platform than print does.When online, you can check social media, look at emails, open multiple windows, look at text messages, and so much more. With multiple things open at once, it is much harder to read deeply and understand. With an online environment, reader experience lower comprehension and recall. These links also force people to make minor decisions about whether to continue reading or not, leading to anxiety or stress adding to the mental “noise” of the environment.

Better Comprehension

We already know that reading in print is more slow and deliberate. Because of this, print increases comprehension and recall when compared to the same material being read online. Studies have found that the multisensory experience of holding and manipulating paper helps the reader form connections between the content and abstract ideas. Studies found that paper-based reading is associated with stronger long-term memory, recall, and overall comprehension.

Products Are More Desirable

When looking at printed material, it creates a multisensory experience that makes it easier for readers to visualize doing, feeling, and experiencing what they are reading about. The result increases affinity for the brand or products being advertised. Digital campaigns do not create the same response. In fact, brand favorability and purchase intent with print advertising is 7% greater than with online advertising and 3% higher than television advertising. 65% of print readers typically take some form of action after viewing a newspaper ad. Another fact is that television and online campaigns show diminished results after four exposures. With print marketing, ad awareness and persuasion is improved at 5 or more exposures. This makes print ideal for long-term campaigns.

Print marketing is the key to an effective campaign. Start yours with New York Marketing. When it comes to your printing needs, we always promise to deliver great quality and fast service at a fair price.