Brochures 101

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Brochures are one of the most common marketing tools for businesses wanting to promote their company’s message, products, and services. From travel agencies to daycare centers to law offices, brochures are an easy to distribute form of communication that combines typography, imagery, and other related concepts to display your message and reach your target demographic.

Brochures 101: Design Communication

Even in the digital age, traditional print marketing will never go out of style. Like all marketing materials, a poorly designed brochure can negatively influence potential buyers. A lackluster design may lead them to view your company as unprofessional or not worth their time. Set yourself apart from the competition by using these design tips to create a strong marketing piece. You’ll feel confident passing out brochures to new customers or leaving them behind at trade shows, conferences, and other corporate events!

Have a purpose.

Every brochure needs a purpose, even if it that purpose is only to organize a directory of locations. Whether you are offering a service, promoting a new product, or giving an overview of your company and its staff, know the purpose of your brochure before you begin your design.

Know your target audience.

Age. Gender. Career. Hobby. Location. There are multiple factors to consider when compiling your target audience. Understanding who is most likely to pay for your product or service will help you tailor your design and info to fit their specific needs. For example, your design for a real estate agency may be geared towards young adults looking to buy their first home. A law office may gear their design towards women transitioning through divorce. A bank may gear their design towards teenagers trying to open their first account. Always keep your audience in mind and use layouts, graphics, and text that will hold their attention.

Be creative.

Brochures are a dime a dozen. Your business needs a brochure with a unique, eye-grabbing design that both represents your brand and stands out from the competition. Be clear and concise when conveying information. Use colors and imagery that will impact readers and reinforce your information with testimonials and statistics that will leave a lasting impression.

Limit fonts.

Mixing and matching fonts is okay but try not to go overboard. Limit yourself to two or three complimentary fonts. One for headlines. One for body type. And one for pullout quotes or testimonials to make your content dynamic. Work in fonts from your brand or use clean sans-serifs with different weights to make individual words or phrases bold or italicized.

Add a call to action.

You can have the most innovative design and still not get a phone call. Some customers need an extra push to make a decision. Make your contact information easy to find and add a visible call to action. For extra motivation give them a reason to call now by offering a discount or promotion with an expiration date.

Your color scheme matters.

Every color has a meaning and every color conveys a different message and has a different affect on your customers. Embrace colors that will positively influence potential buyers to choose your business.

High quality printing

As always, choose a professional printer like New York Marketing that offers high-quality printing at an affordable price. Most brochures are printed bifold or trifold, and come in standard sizes like 6″x9″, 8.5″x11″, 8.5″x14″, or 11″x17″. However, we offer custom print sizes as well as numerous stocks and finishes to give your marketing pieces that personalized look and feel.

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