Boost Your Online Presence With Print Marketing

Gone are the days of handwritten communication. We no longer have to send letters asking our friends if they want to hang out next week. With digital technology, communication is so much more convenient. At an instant, we can send a dinner invitation to our friends look up the latest news, and Google the nearest coffee shop. However, with the emphasis on digital technology in modern society, it may seem like traditional print is on it’s way out. Though this may be true in some cases, in others, print is still more effective than we realize.

Why print is still relevant.

Think about how brick-and-mortar businesses use print. They mail postcards, use window decals with their hours and contact info, hang banners, and use sidewalk signs. Even if you do not have a physical storefront, print is still an effective medium. With print, more senses are engaged than with digital media, creating a memorable experience. Customers can feel and smell the paper, gaining tactile memories to associate with you. As a business owner, print makes you consider how well your visual design translates away from the screen. It also tests your ability to truly engage with an audience without falling back on a digital crutch. Taking away the animations and clickable components, can you hold a viewers attention with an appealing design?

Print media is not only important for expanding your customer base, but it can also enhance your digital marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Here are some ways you can boost your online presence through print marketing.

Boosting E-commerce

You may not realize, but more internet-based companies are using print media to boost sales. Think about your favorite larger online companies. A big symbol of the power of print ends up directly in your mailbox: The Catalog. Catalogs drive impressive online profits because they are a more convenient browsing experience. Catalogs can be easily carried and do not require a wifi password. When pulling out a catalog, shoppers can easily note the items they want, then go online and order when they are ready. Some catalogs even have the ability to interact digitally using QR codes or short links.

A catalog doesn’t need to be 40 pages to be worth while. A simple five-page overview of your product categories and popular items will spark interest in your business. If you want to use a catalog to increase online traffic, start with a limited print to test the waters. Your marketing strategy may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Tip: Drive customers online via coupons.

Everyone loves a good discount or giveaway. When using direct mail marketing or a catalog, include a coupon that can easily be redeemed online. Customers who want to use the coupon must visit your website to claim the discount or giveaway. Once on your site, they are more likely to explore and see what you have to offer.

Boosting Social Media

Social media is a powerful presence in our daily lives. For businesses, creating a social media campaign can make all the difference. With social media marketing, you strategically post photos, relevant articles, giveaways, and more to engage your audience. Each post is accompanied by relevant hashtags, creating a trail for more people to find your business. So what does print have to do with social media? Believe it or not, they connect well, especially when you use the same brand voice. An engaging and consistent voice leads fans of your print campaigns to check out your social media, and fans of your social media to pay attention to your print ads. Linking the two could be as simple as printing your social media profile on your print marketing materials. It could also be more complex, like using a print marketing slogan as a hashtag.

Tip: Use the same images in print and online.

According to neurology, the brain uses images to help process and store content. To rephrase this, most of us are visual learners. Because of this fact, strong visual content is more likely to stick in people’s heads and help them understand your brand. Consistently using the same images in print media and online media will help your consumers’ brains recognize your logo and strengthen your brand awareness. This creates a subtle reminder to customers about who you are and why you matter.

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