Why Should You Print Locally?

Small businesses are entirely dependent on community involvement. With e-commerce and online printing all the rage, it may be tempting to do all of your ordering online. However, they can’t offer everything that a local printer can. When you work with a local printer, you’ll get superior service and form mutually beneficial relationships while contributing to the local economy. Don’t believe it? Here are a few reasons why you should print locally.

Shop Small, Support Local Economy

Printing with a local printer is something you can feel good about. A local print company is owned by members of your community. Because they live nearby, they are less likely to leave and more invested. Thus, working with a local printer keeps money in your local economy. Your local printer will probably use local companies to purchase goods and services, creating a strong infrastructure. When the economy is strong, more of that money is used to support local businesses. As a business owner, the economic impact of printing locally will actually help your business in the end. When you choose to spend money locally, that will circle back and benefit your business.

Competitive Prices

Many businesses consider using a national printer because of low prices. However, when you print online, that doesn’t include the cost of shipping. Their prices are also restricted to high minimums and tiered quantities. This expense can greatly impact your cost-per-item. After adding up these costs and comparing them to a local printer, you will find very competitive prices. Their expenses save you time and will avoid costly errors. In addition, pick-up and delivery options make your local printer stand out from the competition, saving you money in the process.

Quicker Turn Around

When working with a local printer, you can almost always expect a quicker turn around time. Especially with pick-up options, turn around can be in a matter of hours. Online printers handle thousands of orders each day. Yours will be one of many in a queue waiting to be printed. And once it is printed, you still have shipping costs. It could be a week before you get your project. Your local company can set job priorities to offer a quick turnaround and with within the timeline needed for your project.

Better Customer Support

We can understand the allure of shopping online. It is very easy and you can submit an order without talking to anyone. Talking about printing over the phone can be confusing, but your printer will take the time to answer any questions you have and fully explain your options. When ordering online, you have to fend for yourself. You won’t have paper samples that show different weights, brightnesses, and colors. It is also very hard to get ahold of customer service online if you have a question. Locally owned companies are better motivated to ensure your confidence and provide the support you need. With a local printer, you will have careful attention paid to every part of your project. They can also offer their professional opinion and offer custom solutions to fit your needs.

Build Ongoing Relationships

Local printing companies invest time and money to build a relationship with their clients. Networking is a vital part of any business and working with a local printer is a mutually beneficial arrangement. When you order online, that is the extent of your relationship. However, when printing locally, you’ll get to know each others business, learn more about their store, and come up with ideas of how you can work together in mutually beneficial ways. As colleagues, your local printer will get to know your business, make suggestions, and advise you on how to create an impactful and economic product. They also network with other companies and can be a source of referral for your business.