#WordOfTheWeekend: Call-to-Action.

This weeks marketing #WordOfTheWeekend is “call-to-action.” 💡

This is a link, connected through a button, text, or image, that encourages a viewer to visit another page. Call-to-action buttons can be set up to redirect to social media, websites, downloads, or subscriptions. Use eye-catching phrases such as “Follow Us”, “Download Here”, and “Subscribe Now.”

Other great call-to-action buttons help potential customers get in contact with you. Create buttons such as “Contact”, “Phone Number”, or “E-Mail” for your social media platforms and website. If you are an e-commerce business, you might want to add buttons such as “Buy”, “Shop”, or “Order” to make purchasing a product or service as easy and enticing as possible. You can add a Shop page to your Facebook page as well.

Adding these simple call-to-action links are an effective way to help your audience navigate your business and find exactly what they need from you! ✨