Postcard Printing: Baby Shower Invitations

It’s A Boy!

Throwing a baby shower is no easy feat. Like any event, it needs a guest list, a venue, a theme, snacks, crafts, games, and more. Whether you’re the mother-to-be or the baby shower hostess, one of the first tasks you’ll want to tackle is the invitation.

Your shower invitation sets the stage for the entire event, so having the right design is important. Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips to create the perfect baby shower invites:

Send Out Physical Invitations

Evites (or electronic invitations) might be a growing trend, but these informal invites should be left to backyard get-togethers and small parties. A baby shower requires a more formal approach, similar to a wedding, so skip this digital trend in favor of physical invites.

Select A Cohesive Theme

Save money by picking a shower theme that matches your nursery. This way you can reuse your party decorations as decor! It also saves you from trying to pick a color scheme for your invites. Simply pull colors from your nursery!

Include All The Details

Have fun with your design but don’t forget the who, what, when, where, registry, and RSVP information.

Who: Co-ed showers are growing in popularity so the who can be any combination of mother-to-be, father-to-be, and baby. For example, your invitation may be worded as “Please join us for a baby shower in honor of [Mom or Mom&Dad’s name] ” or “Help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of [Baby’s Name].

Optionally, if the shower is being hosted by someone other than the parents-to-be, you can include their name(s) under “Hosted By.”

What: This is an easy one: a baby shower!

When & Where: Tell your guests the shower date, time (start and end), and location, as well as any directions, requests, or other important day-of details. (Such as bringing a book in lieu of a card.)

Registry: Some guests may choose to pick their own gifts but others will be grateful to supply you with items you think you’ll need. Make it easy for your guests by including where you are registered and your registry name.

RSVP: Tell your guests who to RSVP to, how to RSVP, and when to RSVP by.

Send To Print

Once you have settled on a design, print your perfected baby shower invitations with New York Marketing. We offer high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at an affordable price. With a variety of size options, stocks, and finishes, you’re guaranteed a finished product you’ll love!